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View of the school from across the road
Black Bourton main street with the school on the left and the vicarage on the right, Notice the old Horse and Groom in the distance
Black Bourton school in 1922, Florence Chapman nee Townsend named these for me, she now lives in Lechlade where she has resided for the past 70 years, she is in her 90's now
This is the school in 1925, unfortunatly I can find no one who can name the children, all I know is Dorothy Eustace who was my Aunt and lived in Alvescot, If you or you know someone who can name them please contact me via the contact link on the left
Note you can see the church in the back ground, so this must have been taken in the school playground, and there is no houses between the school and the church, where as the is not 4 or 5


PROFILE Mrs Florence Chapman

It is most likely that very few people living in Lechlade today will have great knowledge of Mrs Chapman, who will be celebrating her 93rd birthday in January 2006, and who has lived quietly in the village for nearly 70 years. It wasn’t always a life of ease and comfort though, for Florence, who was born at Blackbourton in 1913, and had to grow up in conditions which were far removed from the comfortable times we are able to enjoy today. She had two sisters, both of whom are now dead. Her schooldays were spent at an all-age school in Blackbourton, which she left at the age of 14 when the school was transferred to Bampton. There was little excitement to be experienced in the village at this time, but Florence enjoyed the times when she attended the church with her mother, and where she often found herself walking in the churchyard. It was here that romance entered her life. She noticed, one day, that she was being observed by a young man who was bold enough to speak to her. He said he had “had his eye on her for some time!” She married Albert Chapman in 1934, and subsequently had two sons and a daughter; one son lives in California, one in Lechlade, and her daughter in Cricklade. Albert Chapman had been born in Wales, where times were hard and employment difficult to obtain. He was an excellent scholar, and was destined for higher education, but his parents were not able to provide the financial support he needed, so along with the rest of the family he later left Wales, making his way to Warrens Cross, near to Lechlade. His brother actually walked the journey! The only employment available was farm work, which Albert found in Alvescot, and where Florence, later, went to live with him. Eventually they found a cottage at Kent Place, in Sherborne Street, Lechlade. It was in 1951 that another move took place, this time to the new housing area of Gassons where the facilities were far superior to those endured in the Kent Place cottage. A memory from those days, however, which Florence happily recalls, is the kindness shown to the children by the soldiers during the war who were billeted in other cottages nearby. After the war, in which Albert served in the RAF as an electrician, he was employed at Smith’s Industries, Witney, until in 1969 he retired because of ill-health, sadly dying in the same year. There had been a further move, in 1961, to a smaller house in Gassons Way; Florence’s daughter, June, had left home earlier, to be married, and almost immediately after the wedding was appointed as the youngest woman to take charge of Arkell’s public house, the Royal Oak in Lechlade. She served there, with her husband, for 39 years, retiring at the time of the millennium. One high spot in her life, which Florence Chapman recalls with great pleasure, and satisfaction, is how the playing field was obtained, for the benefit of the public. With the building of Gassons Road, a large field area had been split in two, with one area for house building. The owner of the field agreed to hold the sale of the other half when two sisters in the village, named Wellen, suggested that it would be suitable as a recreational area for the people of Lechlade. Through regular village collections the money was eventually raised, and it is due to the sterling efforts of the people, at that time, including Florence Chapman, that everyone in Lechlade today is able to enjoy the many pleasures provided by the facilities. Florence has lived her life well, and is very happy, still, to be living in Lechlade where she can regularly attend St Lawrence Church, her Christian faith having been instilled, as a young girl, by her mother. Jack Smee. Florence, her daughter June, grand- daughter Rachel & great-grandson, Ashley.

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